A Cardano stake pool

A Viking sailboat with the Cardano symbol on the sail

THOR - The Viking Pool
Founded January 2020

An early pioneer, navigating the ITN. Dedicated to securing the Cardano network. Committed to sharing the ethos of decentralization, through bringing others to the ecosystem.

The Team

A software engineer with 20 years of experience, including the development of a GPU mining center.

An Airline Pilot, continuing the dream of our Viking forefathers, exploring the outer edges of our planet.

A former Bitcoin miner, who found Proof of Stake….and a new way of life.

"We need to go beyond just a few hundred TPS. We need to go beyond just the ability to send a few thousand transactions an hour. We need to be able to move to a world where Cardano can service, realistically, millions to billions of people over an arc of time.”

Charles Hoskinson


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